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Dinesh Rawat

A Multi-potentialite

Initial Life: 
1953, Kolkata, Dinesh is born in a humble middle-class family. He went to a Hindi medium, ordinary school. Somehow managed to get through Higher Secondary. His low standards all around worried him. With profound devotion, he started building himself.  He acquired mastery in playing Chess and won several championships. He was able to complete his graduate degrees in Commerce and Law from the University of Calcutta. Even with his backward childhood and ordinary background, he had the vision to make his life meaningful to the world. His dream was to serve the nation and humanity by imparting value-based knowledge to people and making the world a better place.
Employment Career:
His father refused to finance him for further studies for his low grades. He begins his employment career at the age of seventeen at a meagre salary of Rupees seventy-five. Along with his college studies, he worked for thirteen years. He has worked in several small and big organizations such as Texmaco, Hindusthan Development Corporation, and Electrosteel Castings. During this period, he dramatically married his Sri Lankan penfriend.

Plunge into Business World:

On repeated insistence by his wife, he had to dive into his own business in 1986. It was a challenging decision as he had no capital, no experience, and no support of any manner. It was highly tuff to sustain a family of five, including three infant children below the age of three years. It was a strenuous journey, but with divine guidance, he advanced with courage and hard work. He studied the “Law of Success” and overcome all the obstacles and challenges. Within twenty years, he rose to a premier position in International trading. He travelled to over sixty countries and established his offices in several countries. He held directorship of about twenty companies and memberships of several Chambers of Commerce, Export Promotion Councils, and business fraternity groups. He was able to earn more wealth than he had imagined. Despite his excellent position in the business world, his heart was to do something that would benefit humanity.

Change of Heart to Serve Environment:
Global warming and climate change had emerged as the biggest challenge to humankind. He wanted to be a part of the solution. Devastation by Tsunami in 2004 propelled him to dedicate himself to the cause of “Inspiring People to Live in Harmony with Nature.” He dared to sacrifice all the relations, network, and intellectual wealth. He started scaling down his business empire and moved his abode from Kolkata to a village in South 24 Paragans in west Bengal. His international travels had given several greening concepts that were not vogue in India. He established one of the best nurseries on 25 Acres of land that he had purchased during his business span. He introduced almost two hundred Palm tree species in India and started urban landscaping with palms. He introduced the idea of using coco-pith in pot plants, which was just a waste product in India. He established a garden centre, “Green Mall,” in 2007, one of its kind in India. He wrote many articles and books.

Palms for India” and “Green Your Surroundings” were ideal for inspiring and guiding city-dwellers to green their homes. Indian Botanical Garden entered into an MOU wherein he provided them technical guidance and enriched Palms and Sansevierias. He submitted environment protection and enhancement plans to India’s Prime Minister, the Government of West Bengal, and the Municipality of Kolkata. He established the “Safal Jivan Institute” to impart greening training and develop “Green Entrepreneurs.” He found a trust, “Prakriti Bandhu,” to create a platform to create awareness about global warming and climate change and take proactive measures.   “He is popularly known as “Green Miracle Man.” He has been elected as the President of the Indian Nurseryman Association (Eastern India) and Vice-President of the All-India Nurseryman association.

Spiritual Enlightenment and Transformation:
He has a quest to know the purpose of life, where we were before birth, and where we go after completing the earthly journey of few decades. Inspired he, traversed to almost all the religious establishments and spiritual organizations for several years. Finally, he associated with Bramhakumaris, and within a span of thirty-three years, he has delivered several sermons, and many have changed their lives. He transformed to shun his elite lifestyle into an ascetic one. He spends Yogi Life in a village near Kolkata.

The Quest to Discover the True History of India:
Thirty years back, his investigative mind received an alert when he came to know that Jesus lived in India for almost a hundred years in his life of 120 years. It was shocking as to how such vital information remains a secret. He then went more in-depth, studied over two hundred books, some of them three hundred years old. He discovered that India remained the wealthiest and most advanced nation on the globe for 4800 years. It was the hub of education also. He deciphered Europeans’ evil plans to tarnish India’s image and portray the superior lot. They invented the Big-Bang, Darwinian concept of Evolution, Aryan Invasion from West and South-Central Asia. They degraded Sanskrit of its actual place by creating an “Indo-European Language.” All the historic structures that Hindu Kings had built are labeled as Islamic construction. Taj Mal, Kutub Minar, Lal Qila, Fatehpur Sikri, Humayun ka Makbara, Agra Fort are just a few to mention. A vast population of India is converted to Islam and Christianity. A highly advanced educational ecosystem that prevailed in India was demolished, and an atmosphere was made wherein Indians were to be loyal to Western culture, religions, and values. His research papers are in debate on international platforms. His website contains significant chunks of information.

Vision to Make India “Vishwa-Guru” and the “Greenest Nation” Once Again:
He firmly believes that India was the Vishwa Guru and has all the factors to become Vishva Guru again in the coming years. The rule of foreign invaders stripped Indians of their capabilities in many ways, particularly by the British in the last few centuries. He has devoted himself the cause of enlightening people about the real history of India and the world civilization.

He also gives free value-based, online  classes for “Foundation Building for a Successful Life.” His courses under the name of “small-tips BIG RESULTS” can empower and raise the intellectual levels of followers.

His concern for Global Warming is eternal. His mission is to make India the greenest nation in the world. He has made a blueprint for creating a “Green Eco-system” for society. With his expertise and experience, he has formulated the following online courses in Hindi, Bengali, and English.

1.   Complete Home Gardening training to hobbyists, homemakers, and retired persons.

2.   The gardening course is remunerative and assured earning.

3.   Landscaping Course for those who are looking for a lucrative career. Suitable for females also.

4.   Guiding people to start Plant Nursery business and utilize their land and resources

His 5 Day Crash Courses are becoming quite popular on Home Gardening in Hindi, Bengali, and English.

His tireless journey continues - Now he is helping friends and relatives to change their Money Story and Financial Freedom.


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Green-Guru Dinesh Rawat

A mult--potentialite

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Green Mall is the largest garden-centre in India, located near Kolkata on 25 acres having over 2500 species of plants.

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